Visit Lima, Peru!

I’ve been assigned to be based in Lima, Peru for the next 5 weeks. This is quite exciting because I’ve never been to Peru. However upon arrival in the office on Monday morning, I was not so sure about being in this city.

We got a security briefing (which is common in all country we visit) and found out that the area where the office is located is the most dangerous place in the city!! Even the management call it a dump! We’re not even allowed to walk outside the office area! Good news is that they are looking for a new building to move to.

Luckily we’re staying in a nice hotel in the most posh part of the city. So security is not an issue. However the downside is that it takes at least 30 mins to get to office during off peak hrs. During peak hours, it will take at least an hour!!

Food is fabulous here. As usual, we’ve been indulging in good food for dinner. At least I’m proud to say that I’ve visited the gym three times since we arrived 5 days ago! The gym is great… I’m motivated to go because they have classes (I’ve been attending dance class) and my other colleague is encouraging me to go. So I’ve got a partner.

Entrance to the office

The whole office building looks like a prison! Even the entrance gate consists of 2 gates (car have to wait till the first door closes before the second door opens).

Partner in crime

This is Susanna, my partner for this audit. She’s also my gym partner!


The meeting room allocated to us is on the top floor of the building and it is next to the ‘entertainment centre’ and the balcony. There’s games on the balcony for the staff to enjoy during break/ lunch time.


Main street outside the office.


Even employees’ car is kept within the office walls!

View of Lima 1

City view.

Moutain view

Mountain view. Can you see Peruvian flag on top of the mountain? What really fascinates me is the houses built on the foot of the moutain.


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