UFC 101

Today we were invited to a friend’s house to watch a UFC match. UFC stands for ‘Ultimate Fighting Championship‘. I’ve never really like boxing or WWF or anything similar. But Dav has been introduced to this ‘sport’ (if you can call it sport) when I introduced him to my friend. This friend has been ‘feeding’ Dav with DVDs that contains UFC’s matches. Plus everytime we meet-up, UFC is always one of the conversation’s topic. There’s also plans to watch a match live in London!!

So what’s UFC? To me, it’s just like boxing with a twist. The twist is you can use any style you want to fight your opponent within the boundary of the rules. So different fighter will adopt different fighting style (ie judo, jujitsu, akido, etc etc). It is quite brutal and gross… cos the participants do not wear any protective gear and each match tends to end with blood flowing and the ‘cage’ stained with lots of blood. Dav actually like it.

Thus I’m sure you understand why I’m not really a big fan (actually his gf is not a big fan either! hahahaha).  However since this friend was so sincere and wanted me to watch it, I decided to give it a chance and off we went after work today to his place.

What’s my verdict? Well …..

  • Was it entertaining? Yes, in a gross kind of way
  • Will I recommend it to my friends? Prolly not
  • Will I watch it again? Only when I am very bored and there’s nothing on tv
  •  Will I pay to watch the match live? Only if the ticket price is reasonable or someone buy my ticket!

In summary, I do think that it is quite an experience watching the game, but I find it too gross and cruel. Plus I will never understand why anyone would put themselves in such situation….

For more information on UFC, visit http://www.ufc.com/


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