Magazine, magazine and more magazine

Every month we get a lot of magazines….

  • Time Magazine – New issue arrives every fortnight. Sometimes there’s 2 mags in one issue!!
  • Glamour – This mag provides me with the monthly latest gossips and fashion style. Not that I get anything from this mag. Just nice to read them and not have to think sometimes… hahahaha
  • CPA Australia – This one is quite boring. The subscription came together with the professional fees which I have to pay yearly to maintain my CPA status.
  • COBIT Journal – This one is also boring but it is more relevant for my work. It is all about IT Audit and Controls. Help to keep me updated on the latest industry news.

So at the moment we have 6 brand new magazines on the table patiently waiting for one of us to pick them up for a read…..

Besides the magazine, there’s also the free newspaper. It’s quite odd. In London they like to give away free newspaper, like The Sun back home. And they always stand outside the tube station to hand them out. So on the way to work you can read ‘The Metro’ and on the way home, you can choose between ‘London Lite’, ‘The Metro’ or ‘The London Paper’. There’s also the ‘City A.M’ which is a business newspaper while the rest is tabloid paper.

No need to buy any goss magazine as you can get them for free most of the time!


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