Nigella's Maple Syrup Pork Ribs

One of our fav dish from Nigella’s Express Cookbook. It is sooo easy to prepare as well. Just marinate the ribs with all the ingredients the night before and dump it into the oven for aroung 40 minutes and it is done!




2 thoughts on “Nigella's Maple Syrup Pork Ribs

  1. NIGELLA!!! :):) Looks yum! I miss cooking as I’m in Mildura at the moment and fresh ingredients are just so hard to source (I’m a convert now – don’t use supermarket stuff if I can help it because it really does make a difference in the taste).

    I too really wanted to try this recipe of her but if I recall right, doesn’t this also include chicken wings?? 🙂

  2. haahahah great spot Cat! Yes, the recipe also has chichken thigh in it… but we took that ingredient out and just went with prok ribs… I sort of make my own ingredients as well cos we didnt have some of the items.

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