Loving it!

One of the perks of living in London is the opportunity to watch all the musicals, play, concert, etc etc etc. This week alone I’ve been to the theater twice! Back in uni days I visited the theater quite a bit, one reason was to support Sam in her passion of becoming a director and another really is because it is interesting. I still remember the one summer in Adelaide, we went a watched a play which lasted for 7 hours!!! That was the highlight of the Art Festival that year…. it certainly was out of this world!


First play I went to was ‘Speed-The-Plow’. Never heard about this play until my colleague asked if I’m interested to watch. We can get discount if we get group tickets. When I heard Kevin Spacey AND Jeff Goldblum was gonna be in it… no need to think about it. I said yes in an instant!! I certainly would not want to miss a chance to see 2 great actor live on stage! The verdict – GREAT!


Dav and I went and watched this musical with some friends. I read the book last year and heard a lot about how great the musical.  I’m glad to say it was not disappointing. My expectation was quite high especially when there’s so many ppl and reviews that say nothing less than great. Although the tickets were quite pricey but I think it was worth it.

Next one we’re aiming to watch is ‘Phantom of the Opera’.


One thought on “Loving it!

  1. Wicked is playing in Melbourne this June too!! What a coincidence 🙂
    Glad to hear it is good – looking forward to it!

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