I miss my hairdresser !!

I couldn’t stand my broom hair anymore… it’s soo freaking dry and looks dull!!! No matter what conditioner or serum or oil I use, it doesn’t seem to work! So today I made an appointment with a local hairdresser and wanted to chopped it all off!!

So off I went and told the lady I wanted her to cut off all the dry bit …. she ended up just cutting like half an inch, gave me a treatment and restyle my hair… she made me love my curls again! And it costs me £46.

She’s didn’t exactly listen to me as I asked her to recommend a new hair style and cut it short. I suspect cos she’s just a stylist (over here you’ve got to choose between a stylist, senior stylist and director – obviously it gets more expensive). But I didn’t regret what she did.

See the difference ?


Before and after


3 thoughts on “I miss my hairdresser !!

  1. its difficult to cut asian hair as the hair texture is different from the ang mohs, that’s what i heard from my stylist friend…its looks ok what..try living with my permanent curly hair then u know how it feels…dry all the time.. 😀

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