Easter road trip

Easter just ended (so darn quick!). The initial plan for Easter was for us to visit my sis in Liverpool. After checking the train tickets for one month, I realised there’s gonna be planned engineering works on that track and thus wont have a smooth journey up north. Plus my sis already made plans to go on holiday with her friends. So we just need to make other plans.

Then approx 2 weeks before Easter, Darren and Azura was over for lunch and during our we chit chat we realised nobody had made any plans and thus we decided to rent a car and go up north, specifically visiting 3 major cities: Liverpool, Blackpool and Birmingham. All the logistics arrangement (ie asking ppl to join us, hotel booking and car booking) was done in the span of 2 hours! Quite fast decision making…. 🙂

In total 7 confirmed to go in 2 cars (one rented).

This is Dav and my first roadtrip in UK and we were not short of daily dramas. To summarized:

  • Day 0 (the day before the road trip started) – Nave had to backed out of the trip due to work commitment. New headcount: 6.
  • Day 1 (Part 1) – Before we set off, after breakfast, Chrish was accidentally ‘taken down’ by a big white women… literally! Both was not looking at where they were going and bumped into each other. Chrish being the smaller size  just fell on to the ground! It was a shocked to all….
  • Day 1 (Part 2) – Darren and David went off to get the rental car and didnt return until 1.5 hrs later. Cause ? They were so lucky to be served by a newbie on his first day… I was told the poor guy did not had any help from his colleague…. not nice colleague
  • Day 2 – Someone smashed Natasha’s back windscreen and stole 2 luggage bags. We were stranded in Everton’s FC stadium for a good 2 hours waiting for the CSI (yes, the police sent a CSI!!) to check fingerprints and also to find out if we can get the windscreen fixed to continue on our journey. Natasha and Chrish decided to head back to London after getting the windscreen temporarily fixed with a plastic cover. New headcount: 4.
  • Day 3 – The Blackpool tower lift was not working for a good 3 hrs! We played arcade games, watched senior citizen ballroom dance and watched a circus before we manage to get a ride up!
  • Day 4 – Traffic jam back to London.

You can also read more about our road trip at Darren’s blog.


Breakfast in Malaysia House. All had nasi lemak! hehehehe


Spotted nice clouds on the first day


Having dinner in an Italian restaurant in Albert Dock. Food and wine was good.


Snowing!! We were waiting in line to get into the Beatles Musuem…. this is my second time going in… never too dull or boring to see/ listen to Beatles’ songs.


The boys getting bored while waiting for our turn to listen to Mr. Cadbury telling us his life story…..


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