Easter Road Trip Photos

The previous posting from Steph provided some in-depth recollection of our interesting road trip, from our misadventure with the GPS system, booking hotels in the middle of industrial zone, to more serious windscreen smashing and CSI man encounter. All good fun with the exception of the unfortunate wind screen incident. It’s quite a rough neighborhood, around the stadiums, I guess we’re lucky it didn’t happen to both our cars..

Anyway, here’s a few more additional photos (quite heavily edited)

Start of our journey, Azura waving good bye to home?



View from Blackpool Tower, playing around with ‘fake model’ effect. It’s supposed to make real photo look like minitiature models. Yes? You can read more about this technique at Receding Hairline

Nuclear power plant? Taken along the highway during our drive from Liverpool to Blackpool.

Ever enthusiastic and cheerful Natasha performing a pogo jump, Everton.

Azura and Steph lining up in front of the Beatles Museum.

Hello Blackpool!

Steph, Azura and Darren, Blackpool

Dance hall(?) in Blackpool Tower

View from the Blackpool Tower


3 thoughts on “Easter Road Trip Photos

  1. Hi Mr and Mrs Seow,

    wow… your pics are gorgeous… really like the one with steph, azura and darren @ blackpool – it looks so mystical… ps – just replaced my specs – cost to do so – £195 ! sniff..

    btw, still laughing over the day 1 – me getting knocked over incident… silly me.

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