I have finally ran out of pages in my passport which is only 2 years old!!!

In preparation for my upcoming trip to South America, I need to make sure that (a) my passport is valid for the duration of my stay, (b) I do not need visa and (c) if I do need visa, I have enough pages in my passport to apply one. So I failed on the third requirement.

Off I went to the Malaysian Embassy first thing yesterday morning thinking that there’s gonna be a lot of people AND it’s gonna be a very slow and painful process. To my surprised it was quite a fast process (there wasnt many people). I got a number and I was attended to in 5 minutes. Handed in my documents, paid and left. Really quick I have to say….. the best thing is the passport is ready on the same day in the afternoon!



One thought on “impressed

  1. Hmm.. they can actually work fast…then it must not be the people but the location. I guess its not malaysian but malaysia that is slow. LOL.

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