hectic week

it has been a hectic week. was working late on and off trying to deliver something. although it’s late hours but it’s kinda interesting. i’ve been tasked to do communication stuff for the delivery of our revised audit methodology. what does that mean? it means i’ve been arranging for video shoots, meetings to attend and prepare the meeting materials, arrange training venues and agenda, trying to come up with ideas on how to put the materials onto electronic format to give it to our internal auditors and lastly (kinda my fav) i’ve been meeting up with agency reps who is dealing with designing our manuals and internal website. so as you can see, this is very different from what i’m used to do.

outside of work, dav and i have been busy planning for our south america trip. as i’ll be going to chile and peru for 7 weeks, we have decided to go on a holiday for 2 weeks after my work period. so we need to find out what to do, how to go around and where to stay. south america is huge! and 2 weeks is very little time to cover every country. i think we’re only gonna cover 2 or 3 countries, possibly chile, peru and argentina. let’s see how the planning will work.

as for the weekend, we’ve been busy catching up with my dad and sis. dad arrived from milan yesterday night and sis came from leeds after her training. it was great to see them both. was wondering why mum didnt tag along… but i figured she must have wanted to spent more time with my nephew before my elder sis take him to vietnam at the end of the month (my bro-in-law got a job there, so whole family is moving there).

we went to kiasu (malaysian and singaporean cuisine, nominated as best cheap food in london time out magazine) to have dinner yesterday. dad was not that impress with the food… but the rest of us were missing home cook food to notice the difference. i think the food is slightly better than C&R and cheaper too.

today the itinerary was english breakfast in wimbledon and then back to our place to hang out. both dad and sis was tired from all the traveling, so they were happy to just stay put and chit chat at home. we even skyped with mum and sis back in msia. which is quite odd. then dav cooked a simple lunch which i think was not quite enough for my dad.. heheheehe


there was only 2 dishes to feed 4 ppl… hehehehe simple and nice. look at how happy my dad is! hahahahahahah


3 thoughts on “hectic week

  1. hahaha thanks. he did lose a lot of weight. his kidney is not working well now… so a bit worrying. doc diagnose kidney failure but he doesnt have the symptoms. so he’s seeking Chinese medicine.

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