election, train/tube/bus hopping, yum-cha

it was a busy weekend. Dav came up with a good idea as weekend activities… take the tube and stop at all the tube station to check out the area and high streets (main street) to see what’s interesting and not forgetting taking pictures along the way. Dav call it ‘Trainspotting’. He planned the whole day’s itinerary and I just need to follow along.

We were out of the house by 0730 on Saturday and only arrived home at 2000. That’s more than 12 hours discovering London town. We took the train, tube and bus, stopping at 52 tube stations. We even managed to visit the following places:

  • London Borough Market, London Bridge – Food here are a bit pricey but offers a variety of groceries.
  • The Prime Meridian, Greenwich – We went looking for the Prime Meridian line. We literally walk aroud the town looking for the line!! hahahaha Thinking back it was quite fun. We discovered a Maritime Museum, an observatory, a local market, a huge park, a hill offering superb view of London city skyline.
  • London’s oriental shopping center, Colindale – This place is called Oriental City. It’s nothing superb, quite run down and it just satisfied our hunger for Asian food.
  • Paperchase, London – A stationary store in Goodge Street. Very similar to Muji, which Dav and I love! So it’s a must to check it out. I got a faboulous idea after visiting this place.

We almost forgot about the election until a friend called and told us BN didnt win the 2/3 majority, which is quite surprising. This does make me feel slightly better for not being able to vote… but hopefully nothing big is gonna happen the next few weeks.

After our fun filled Saturday outing, today we took some South African friends (2 couples and a baby) to a nearby Chinese restaurant for yum-cha. I’ve promised to bring them for a while now.. so it was about time I find time and a good restaurant. The Time Out magazine came in handy. We went to Royal China in Putney. For Londoners reader, this one is not part of the famous Royal China Chain. But the food is not too bad and not too expensive too. Next on our agenda is going to a Spanish place for tapas… so that we can practice our Spanish!

Dav have loaded some pictures. Click on the image on the top far right hand corner of the page.


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