First concert in London – Newton Faulkner

We watched his concert yesterday night at The Roundhouse. It was superb! He is such a good singer/songwriter AND guitar player. We stood for 4 hours (inclusive of waiting time).

You should checkout his website if you’re looking for a new music to listen to.

Brandie Carlile

The opening act for Newton. Her name is Beth Rowley. She sounded a bit like Amy Winehouse. Not quite my sytle. We were standing for 1.5 hr before she came out. She only sang for half an hour.


Pre-emp to his performance.


Superb view. But I was quite annoyed cos just before he perform, some lady just came and stood in front of me. Blocking my view of the stage….. lucky as the concert went on, everyone sort of move around and I manage to get my clear, non-blocked view of Newton.


He changed guitars like almost 10 times!! You have to listen to his song and see his video to understand why I say he’s such a great guitar player. His concert is also very entertaining. He actually had everyone singing along to his song, got everyone to ‘participate’ and played a fabulous cover version of Bohemian Rhapsody as his last song.

We love it!

NB: Did I mentioned he’s British??!!

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