Feeling domesticated

Dav is a bit sick and rushing to complete his assignment due today. So I took on the responsibilities to do groceries shopping (in Chinatown cos ‘gian’ chinese food), wash the clothes (2 rounds – whites and non-whites) and prepare ingredients for dinner tonite (with ABC soup). I also ironed all the clothes yesterday. Am quite proud of my achievement… hahahah

Back in Malaysia I never have to do anything… (yes, am quite pampered and lucky). Suddenly I feel that I dont have much time to waste (ie watch tv, read magazine, surf internet, chat online) cos I have all these house chores to do! Then it became clear that just like at work where I have to prioritize my todo list… it’s the same for todo list for the house.

Actually I’m very happy that Dav and I can almost read each other’s mind. We know what needs to be done and dont have to force the other person to do it. We take turns without having to say it out.  It’s quite odd but that’s how it is….

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