More books please….!

We bought a few more books to add to our collection. A few more is an understatement I think… hehehehe. We got 3 lonely planets and 1 cookbook and 1 restaurant and drinking guide.


This one is to prepare us for the many many European holidays we’re gonna take while we’re living in London. If you don’t already know, Dav is a fan of staying in hostel and walking… thus the ‘shoestring’ guide… 🙂


It has always been our dream to visit Greece. So we got this book to plan for it. But it hasnt arrived yet. We’re waiting for the new edition.


This came free with the purchase of the above 2 lonely planets. This one has the best places to visit in 2008. Surprisingly it has quite a few Malaysian locations.


This book is called ‘Delia’s How To Cheat at Cooking’. The author apparently is quite a famous tv chefs and her book was highly anticipated in UK. Since it was half price, I thought why not get it. From browsing through the pages, it seems like it’s quite easy to follow and to get the ingredients. One of the issues I have with Jamie Oliver’s cookbook was on getting the ingredients. This one will be quite easy cos she actually put down the brand and from where to get it!


This is quite self explanatory. Hopefully we can check out these restaurants with a few friends.


4 thoughts on “More books please….!

  1. Speaking of Jamie Oliver, boy am I tempted to buy a copy of one of the cookbooks! Am resisting though, until I get my oven fixed. 🙂

    Also got my eye on Nigella Express, but not until oven is fixed or Borders has a sale. 🙂

  2. Ooooo…my eye gleamed when it say the Time Out Makan book and Delia’s. I have to say though, Delia is a British insituition in herself so that cookbook should be fab whilst you guys are still there.

    Can’t wait to read your takes on the makan places!

    SERENE: Get it, get it! :):)

  3. Serene, I highly recommend Nigella (even though I never really liked her). Dont wait!! heehehehe

    Cat, just as I bought a new cookbook I’m swamped with work!!! Been working late these few days and havent been cooking. Hopefully will get to try the recipe soon.

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