Varekai, Cirque du Soleil

We went on our first show in London today. We watched Varekai, a Cirque du Soleil production. Today is the last day of their tour in London.

If you have not heard about Cirque du Soleil, then read on. If you have, jumped to the next paragraph. Cirque originates from Montreal, Canada. It’s actually a circus but performed in a different style… new age style. Dav would call it ‘stylo-mylo’ circus.

I first came across Cirque when I was studying my Masters in Sydney. At that time, Saltimbanco was touring Australia. They actually built a huge tent not too far from where I was staying and it caught my eyes. But I didnt go cos it was expensive plus I didnt have any friends to go with.

So my wish to watch them finally came true today. I bought the tickets 4 weeks ago. And it was hard to get tickets for good seats. Not to say we have good seats but it was ok.

We enjoyed the show and the music tremendously (hence we bought the soundtrack cd). The set was amazing, the live music was good, it was colourful and entertaining. True to their roots, there’s still clowns and acrobatic performances. However there’s no animals.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it before.


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