CNY Steamboat gathering

Moving on to a happier post.. Dav and I hosted a CNY steamboat gathering at our place yesterday. I would say it’s a success, 5 friends came, we ate a lot and had a good catch up session (mainly gossiping of course). Didn’t take many pics cos we were busy eating and chatting… only took some at the end…


We had to rearrange the furniture in the living room to accommodate 7 people. The TV became a victim and thus was shoved to the corner of the room (see top right corner of the pic).


Nice flower bought last weekend. When we bought it, the buds were still closed. Dunno what’s the name of the flower but it smells nice. (do you see the beer bottle in the background?hahahaha)


‘Shocked Dillon’ . I think the flash caught him by surprise… The steamboat habis already… this pic was taken during the ‘dessert’ session.


We had quiche (from Naveena), banana choc chip muffin with a slice of strawberry (I baked it) and strawberry dipped in ‘not-so-successful’ melted choc.

We melted chocolate few days ago and it was very successful (see pic below). I think the choc we melted yesterday was not meant to be melted.



Happy me!


2 thoughts on “CNY Steamboat gathering

  1. Steph, the flower is called hyacinth. It’s grown from a bulb and comes in several colours. 🙂 The one you have is so pretty!

  2. Thanks Serene for the name. Unfortunately it has dried up. Not sure whether it is becos of the heater in the house. So I have put it outside in the balcony to see if I can revived it.

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