There will be general election in Malaysia on 3 Mar and apparently it is a law that Malaysian living overseas cant vote!!!

Only certain groups of people can vote by post (see article in The Star Online)

I found out about the general election from CNN when I was in Brussels. Normally I turn on the tv first thing in the morning and usually only the news station is watchable. So while in the midst of getting ready I heard the reporter said Malaysia.. I quickly turn up the volume. Not often you hear news about Malaysia on CNN… (not sure that’s a gd thing or a bad thing, hahahaha).

Anyway,  I have always been a good citizen… registering to vote when I’m eligible (about 4 years ago) and went to vote with my family. Although I have to admit my choice was influenced by my parents. What do I know about politics at the age of 22??

So now that the election is coming up, I am quite excited and would love to cast my vote to make sure that I can make a difference (I truly believe if everyone thinks that it wont make a difference, then nobody will vote!!). But am disappointed that I wont be able to do it!!! What makes me even more annoyed is that they have make it a law to prevent overseas Malaysian from voting!

I know for a fact in Australia, everyone citizen must vote, whether you’re in the country or not. There’s also a penalty imposed if you dont vote. That’s a good law.. why cant we have that instead??!!

Esp nowadays I keep reading news every so often there’s a riot/ rally. So many people unhappy about the current government, etc etc etc. Its quite sad to see that the country is not progressing as expected. No wonder a lot of people is thinking of leaving the country or rather have left.

I would say more than 50% of my ex-colleague/friends is living abroad (mainly in Australia & UK) and looking at my own family, my younger sis is working in Liverpool, I’m in London, and soon my elder sis will be moving to Vietnam with her baby to join her husband.

What is going on????


One thought on “Annoyed!

  1. I had no idea about that!

    Actually, I’ve never, ever voted before as a Malaysian – isn’t that terrible 😦 But come to think of it, I don’t think I could ever get the chance to vote – I came to Oz at the age of 20!

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