Road Trip to France

I’ve been busy traveling for the past 2 weeks (Switzerland and Belgium). Just got back to London few days ago. A quick update on what’s been going on.

Chinese dinner in Delemont was ok. The food was good, but the service sucks! To get chinese tea refill also need to pay…. I think I had too high expectation until the managers told me the place is a typical ‘european chinese restaurant’. That’s when I decided to stop comparing and just enjoy the company and food. Overall I would give the restaurant a 6/10.

On the second last day in Switzerland, we decided to take a road trip to France (the France border is very close to the factory). So we got the Security’s permission to take the company car, got recommendation to visit a French village called Belfort, printed out the directions and off we went. The drive took about 30 minutes. Once we reach the centre of the town, we parked the car and started our own walking tour around the town.

This town is famous for it’s fort. Belfort literally mean beautiful fort in French. Here’s some pictures of the town.


River in between the old town and new town.


Pedestrian walk in the town centre.


View of the opposite river.



Famous sculpture in Belfort built by the same person who built Statue of Liberty. It is called ‘The Lion of Belfort’.


A closer look.


Entrance to walk up to the ‘Lion’ statue.


View from the side of the ‘Lion’ statue. We couldn’t find a way to go up to the base of the statue.


View of the town from the top.


Creative photography. In the background is the Cathedrale Saint Christophe de Belfort.

On the way back to Switzerland, we were stopped at the Immigration Office for about 15 minutes, not knowing what was going on and with our passport with the officer. We got really worried when the officer asked us to stop the car’s engine. We joked among ourselves predicting who’s passport is contributing to the ‘problem’… seeing that we have one Malaysian and one Serbian… both are equally not that ‘famous’.. hehehe. Anyway in the end we were ‘released’ to head back to Boncourt.

It was a good road trip… especially when we didnt know the roads in the town.


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