Interesting facts about love and marriage

While travelling back to Boncourt (2 hrs flight and 1 hr car journey) today, I had the opportunity to read the latest Time magazine – Valentine’s Day Special. It has a few interesting article which I would like to share with everyone.

Article 1 – The Science of Romance
This article tries to explain the science behind falling in love. It says that human’s principal job while alive is to reproduce, raise the child to adulthood and then die so that you don’t consume too many resources better spent on the younger generation. So why are we making so much fuss about romance??
The author goes on to identify the factor’s that make us attracted to the opposite gender, which is

  • Physical appearance – This is nothing new.
  • Smell – Apparently men can detect when women are ovulating (more fertile) and thus are more attractive to the men during these period.
  • Taste test – Apparently by kissing, the body can tell whether you and your partner have compatible genes for reproduction.
  • Drugs (incl. birth control pill) & alcohol can distort one’s selection for the ‘best’ lover/partner.

Interesting Article 2 – Please Marry Me
Apparently being married also gives you better health and longer life. Results of a research:

  • Married people live longer and are healthier
  • Studies have linked marriage to lower rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease and mental illness.
  • Marriage helps both spouses cope better with stress, though men benefit more than women.
  • Marriage is fattening, particularly for husbands. Married men are nearly 20% more likely than unmarried men to be overweight.

Not too sure about the last point. I’m think women tend to get fatter compared to their husbands

P/s: I am just trying to share interesting facts about love and marriage life.


4 thoughts on “Interesting facts about love and marriage

  1. 2che ! CNY is this week. Daddy , Mummy , Tache & Chun Lim also give me angpau also. since you’re married now , according to them they said you should give me angpau too ! haha 😛 pls & thank you.

    btw, we’re flying off tmr night ! Happy Chinese New Year to you & David ! miss ya !

  2. Article one:

    Physical appearance…yeah baby.

    Smell..right..onli smell i know is perfume..

    Taste test..I can just imagine guys going around pubs asking the female species to allow us to lick them just for the sake of science.

    Drugs & Alcohol..agreed completely..imagine waking up to find the sexy korean babe you pick up is actually the 500lb beauty from korea.

  3. I can totally understand why men get fatter and less stressed after the Big M – all the women do the household chores and cooking, that’s why!!!! 😛

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