Welcome to Boncourt, Switzerland

I was sent to a tiny village in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland. I wonder how BAT found this place. Anyway, the factory is in a village call Boncourt… note I said ‘village’. It has a population of only 1,000 people. It is situated on the north-west of the country, very near to the France border. Actually the France border is less than 2 km from the factory and you can see French houses from the factory.

So since it’s such a small place, it does not have a international airport. I have to fly to Basel from Heathrow and then take 1 hr car ride to village call Porrentruy. This is a bigger village compared to Boncourt. It has a total of 7,000 people. I didnt see any international chain hotel. My suspicion was validated during my 1hr drive to Porrentruy to the bed and breakfast I was staying. This place is absolutely a kampong. I dont even see people in several villages I pass through. I was glad that I made the decision to head home for the weekend and then fly out again on Sunday.

Luckily I was not doing this audit on my own. Another colleague from Belgrade will be with me for 2 weeks. At least I got some company. I was quite excited cos we are given company car to drive ourselves from office to the hotel and return. That means we can venture around the different villages on our own.

Here’s some pictures I took last week.

Swiss Cheese Fondue

We tried traditional cheese fondue in a local restaurant. One of the local manager offered to take us around and show us good restaurant to try. This is good with white wine! Btw, this is eaten only with bread!

View of factory

View of the factory from outside. There’s a river just besides the factory.


On the way back to hotel in Porrentruy. Total journey time between factory in Boncourt and hotel in Porrentruy is about 15 minutes.


Boncourt village.


Cute house.


The journey to and back from work, we go through several forests and the road is quite winding.


There’s winery in the region as well. Can you see it? (see left) It’s not the season, so you cant see the vineyard.. it’s quite empty.


This is my colleague, Dragana. She is my driver in Switzerland cos I cant drive on the right side of the road. Every morning she has to ‘clean’ the windscreen of ice and snow before we can start our journey. Look at the ‘glove-thingy’ tool… it came with the car and it’s actually quite a good tool.. cos it warms the hard as well! ๐Ÿ™‚


This is the car we were given. It’s actually quite a big car!


It snowed 2 days after we arrived. Well, it’s more like it snowed the night before and the snow just remained on the ground. The snow melted by noon.



Unfortunately, snowing means more cleaning for my colleague.


This is a castle tower on top of the hill in Porrentruy. We decided to go up to the castle after work one day.


Some weird looking trees around the castle.


View of the village at night.


Finally a picture of me! hehehehe

Will be flying back to Basel tomorrow for another week. This means I will be in Switzerland for the first 2 days of CNY!


Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Boncourt, Switzerland

  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you and David! Don’t be sad, at least you have nice sceneries to watch? If not get pissed and go ‘kongsi kongsi’ to everyone you see ๐Ÿ˜€ Take care!

  2. Looks quite nice actually!!! Coincidently, I’m on my own rural rotation (pics coming up on the blog) but I must admit, the regional town I’m at doesn’t look as picturesque as yours ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. gong xi fa chai to you too…

    DAmme it… everything i see Aussie Pics and Steph uk pics..i wanna bring my bike over and ride.

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