Finally Dav decided what phone he wants and we went shopping today after work! Well, it’s a gift from me… it’s freaking cool!! And now I seriously want one too…. sigh….


As you can see, Dav is a happy boy. He is busy syncing his iTunes and his iPhone. I was quite amaze at how you activate the phone. Everything is done through iTunes. All you need to do is create an iTunes account, connect the iPhone to your computer and follow instructions to open a O2 phone account. It took us around 15 minutes to set it up.


The phone costs GBP 269 and the cheapest contract is GBP 35 for a 18 months contract.

Can someone buy me one too??


3 thoughts on “iPhone

  1. My cousin got one for Xmas. The hacked version cos Singapore Apple is so SLOW.

    Its pretty cool but for SGD960??? Give me a Dopod anytime.

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