les-mis.jpgWatched Les Miserables yesterday night with a colleague. Her friends managed to get cheap tickets and the seat was great too. Was 10 rows from the stage!! Have never read the book or watched the movie. Didnt really find out more about the musical from the web before the show. So I went with the perception that it is a very serious and dramatic musical.

I was quite surprised that it was enjoyable and there was even some comedy embedded into the musical. The main actor and actress were great singers! And I was very impressed by the stage setup as well. There was a revolving stage and 2 big movable building lookalike thing. Very creative stage deco. Definitely recommended for those who enjoys musical. The songs are very romantic and easy listening as well.

In line with the mood to catch good shows and concerts, today I bought tickets to watch 1 show and 1 concert. First show in Feb – Varekai, Cirque du Soleil.


Was lucky to find out that this famous circus is performing in Royal Albert Hall. Of course its the most famous venue in London and Cirque du Soleil is very very interesting. I have always wanted to watch their show since I learn about them when I was studying in Sydney. So finally I have the chance to go. Hopefully our seats are not too bad.

First concert in London, we’re going to watch Newton Faulkner in March. His music is very soothing and quite different from mainstream pop. He is called the British Jack Johnson. Few month ago I dont even know who is Jack Johnson.. what more Newton Faulkner. Of course these singers were introduced to me by Dav. Their his fav singers at the moment. So I thought it would be cool to catch his concert.


He launched his new album recently in UK. Check his website to listen to some of his songs. My favourite is ‘Gone In The Morning’ and ‘Teardrop’. Cant wait!!!


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