It's already Monday?

This was certainly a busy weekend. Didnt have much time to do nothing at home… heheheh

Firstly there was the wedding reception organised by Devan for Charles and Poh Suan at their place. It was a fun ex-EY/Anderson gathering at Devan’s place. Food was good, drinks was good, company was good. There was a lot of laugh, gossiping, etc. The gathering started at 1pm and we left the place at 930pm! Charles and Poh Suan didnt turn up till 3pm I think. At least they turn up.. hahahah Hopefully we’ll get to see both of them in London again… if not, will have to make a trip to Melbourne to visit them.

Then it was Sunday dim sum with Chen Lien as he’s in town for work. We went to Royal China in Queensway…. although it’s a posh place, it was simply the BEST dim sum I have ever ate in London!! Will definitely go back there again next time. But a word of warning… have to go early. The queue was very very long… I dont like waiting for a table. Luckily we were there early.

After dim sum it was grocery shopping in Chinatown. We havent got anything from Chinatown for a few weeks already. So it was good to get some chinese food and sauces. It’s quite sad that there’s no chinese grocer in Wimbledon.

As usual, Dav is busy with his assignment and homework. So the nite was spent ironing clothes and cooking dinner. Sounds quite boring… and tomorrow is already Mon!

Hope everyday had a great weekend…

p/s: I’m going to watch  Les Miserables on Tues with a colleague! Cant wait.


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