New Macbook

It’s the ‘World Thinnest’ notebook!! It’s brilliant!


It’s called ‘MacBook Air’.

I want one!!!! I wished I had waited till this come out…

More info on


6 thoughts on “New Macbook

  1. Hahaha…you and Joel are exactly the same! I’m thinking of getting a laptop and Joel showed me this one immediately.

    Straight away I said, “Alamak, so thin. Sure the battery cannot last long one!”

    As you can tell, Joel and I use different parts of our brain when looking at pictures of laptops :):)

  2. Only Mac I like is MacDonals…..hmm actually i don’t eat much of Mac Ds anymore..

    Oh yeah read abt this Macbook thingy in today press too.

    I believe any good lap top need a built in CD drive. This Mac doesn’t have one.

  3. Cat – Really dont hv to worry abt the battery life. This macbook has 5 hrs battery life!

    Mike – it’s design to be fully wireless… thus missing the optical drive. however, they have a software which u can install in either mac or pc to allow you to use the cd drive wirelessly!! how cool is that!!

  4. Think about this, mana ada orang pakai notebook nowadays without everything built in wan? This might be thin, but think about all the ‘wireless’ external stuff you need to carry around, and don’t forget the chargers!

    Steve Jobs should ease up a bit…

  5. i love macs and i know its cool to have wireless connection to a remote CD drive and all but what i REALLY find is the ‘mafan-ness’ …so that means travelling with a mobile laptop you gotta bring an extra-separate CD drive? … oh well, I’ll stick to my plan of getting a MacBook Pro đŸ˜€

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