Spanish Lessons Update

It’s so much harder than I thought. Plus the materials I bought (self-learning book + audio CD) doesnt really help. This is why

  • It was tough to identify which section of the book the audio CD is talking about. Half the time I am browsing through the book to look for the right section to go through. Majority of the stuff in the book is not in the audio CD.
  • The pace of the CD is way too fast. It just talk and talk and talk without even stopping for 10 sections. So this I have to constantly pause the CD and rewind back. This is quite annoying esp when you cant catch what they are saying and have to rewind like 10 times! Plus it’s hard to rewind back to the correct spot!!
  • Of course the book and CD itself is not enough … I have to buy extra notebook to make my own notes and re-write some of the sentences. But I think this is good, cos it helps me remember what I”m learning.
  • Despite all this, I’m not giving up. It’s already 4 weeks and I’ve he following:

  • how to greet people
  • how to ask someone’s name and say my own name
  • how to seek clarification and help
  • how to say goodbye
  • how to say where I’m from
  • how to say my nationality
  • how to say what languages I speak
  • how to introduce myself and others
  • how to ask ppl how they are and reply
  • how to ask ppl where they live and say where i live
  • how to ask for and give tel numbers
  • Not too bad for the amount of efforts I put in… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Note: I wouldnt advise getting this book if you intend to learn spanish.


    6 thoughts on “Spanish Lessons Update

    1. eh…you learn like that in 4 weeks with Cd and book, you can go to websites and learn for free la dear… in less than one week I learnt Je’Taime, Bonne L’anee Duh Mill Week, Au Revouir, Bonjour, and a few more which i can’t recall..haha..
      teach me spanish then…haha..can learn F&*K first kah…

    2. i tried learning from web sites… it’s not organised enough!! i wan to learn the proper way…. ๐Ÿ˜›

      j – I dont think there’s a section on curse words. that one have to find out urself.

    3. Como estas senorita?!

      try an audiobook on itunes. I am learning french on there and it is easy as!! of course it helps when you start wathcing spanish movies and try to speak as much even if its just one word with a friend whether he/she can speak it or not. trust me on that one!

      besos x

    4. Muy Bien Lucinna. Gracias! y tu?

      Definitely agree with ur point about speaking it as much as possible. Found out a few colleagues are keen to learn too. So I can practise with them!

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