Most expensive pair of shoe

I’ve been seeing a lot of girls wearing boots since I came back to London. Not sure why boots are so common in the cold weather.. but it sure looks good. I’ve never really fancy having one before but the more I see it on the street the more I thought maybe I should get myself one.

Then last week, I was shoe shopping (not for boots) cos I realise I needed some heels to make me look better in my working clothes. Actually the real reason is cos my pants are too long! hahahahah anyway, as I was shoe shopping, I unconsciously also were looking at boots… well mainly cos there was still sale in all the shoe shops. But on that trip I only ended up buying a pair of normal heels.

So I came back and told Dav that I intend to get a pair of boots. And he thinks that it’s a good idea. Off we went to Kingston to shop last Sat (cos Dav wanted to get working clothes as well).

I ended up buying a pair of leather boots which costs me approx GBP 100!! That’s like almost RM700!!!! It’s very comfy and soft. Also protect my legs from cold weather when I wear skirt/ dress.

Here’s how the boots looks like… (Dav was not home thus cant take a pic of me with the boots. Next time la)


Front view


Side view


8 thoughts on “Most expensive pair of shoe

  1. hey steph,
    love the boots..don’t worry about the price, they will be the best investment you’ll ever make. you’ll feel a million bucks and they will keep you warm and fuzzy. enjoy winter!

  2. nice nice.. i wish i could buy one pari too. but can’t be wearing it in malaysia weather. thou can be like those ahlians and go ahead and wear it just to be stylo mylo. hhahaha

  3. Oooooh! Love the booties!

    PS: There is always the famed Karen Cheng pose of standing in front of a full-length mirror do when Dav isn’t around :):)

  4. As long as its genuine leather its worth it, plus its still cheaper than the shoes that I buy! What a 100 quid for a highflying mnc manager 🙂

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