First try at baking

It was fun baking ‘Butterfly cakes’. Not sure why Nigella calls it cakes when in actual fact it’s a muffin. It’s also real simple except that I have never bake before, so I dont understand the simple basic baking terms. But all is good. It was a success! Dav love it too…

Butterfly Cake1

So this is how my ‘Butterfly cake’ looks like when it first came out of the oven.

Butterfly Cake2

This is how it looks like after puttin in the cream and ‘wings’… hehehe I didnt buy any colourings, so it looks abit dull. Plus I didnt get enough cream, so only half of my cakes have whip cream on it.


I also tried fried calamari from Nigella Express book. Didnt turn out quite as expected. It was too salty and oily. Need to re-think about the ingredients.


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