Second time a charm?

While everyone went back to work today, I slept in, went grocery shopping, run errands, and cooked dinner. I selected a few recipe last week from Jamie’s and Nigella’s cookbook which I intend to try this week (since I’m still on holiday).

Dinner today was ‘White Fish Wrapped in Smoked Bacon with Lemon Mayonnaise and Asparagus’ and potatoes and tomatoes soup. I didn’t take any picture of the fish cos I was busy preparing it.

It was tasty but the bacon didnt turn golden and crispy (too big piece!). It could be better improved with a few modifications.  Also I think I put too much rosemary on the fish. However the mayo with lemon sauce and asparagus was perfect!

Dav’s comment – 2 thumbs up! (I think this comment is bias)

p/s: More shopping tomorrow in the city and if I get home early enough, I might just bake some muffin. 🙂


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