2008 New Year Fireworks from London

Where did we go?
Embankment, London to watch the fireworks at London eye.

Highlight of the night besides celebrating New Year in London?

  • Sitting in the middle of road in London waiting for 4 hours for the fireworks (with snacks and beers of course)
  • Getting wet from the rain which poured about 4 times throughout the night
  • Visiting the most hygienic portable toilet ever (it even has those anti-bacterial gel for u to wash your hands with)
  • There’s about 40k people in embankment waiting for the fireworks!
  • We almost missed the fireworks due to the rain – We wanted to take cover under the bridge, but I insisted we stay put and endure the rain. After all, it has come and gone a few times. And I was right!
  • It took us almost 3 hours to get home. All the tube stations near to Embankment were closed. So we had to take a bus to a further station to get home. Waterloo was out of the question!
  • There were a lot of drunk and rodwdy ppl everywhere!! Was kinda scared at one point cos ppl were throwing glass bottle, pushing everyone to get to somewhere… glad nothing happened though.
  • We can say we’ve experienced the New Year countdown in Big Ben London!!
  • Will we do this again?
    Most likely not.

    Some pics taken on the night.

    All ready to go out

    We went out at 1.30pm. That’s my new jacket from Zara. Do you see anything different about Dav? hehehehe He is trying to change his image….

    London Eye from Embankment

    View of London Eye from Embankment. We decided to stay put just outside of the Savoy hotel (well more like I am lazy to head towards Big Ben due to big crowd + apparently you can view the fireworks anywhere you can see London Eye). This is one of my fav shot of the night… I am loving my camera!!

    Dav contemplating life…

    The streets were empty until about 10pm when ppl started pouring in. I think this is a great shot of Dav but the photo is abit too yellow.

    Me and Dav

    Another fav shot. I think we were well positioned. The portable toilet is just behind us. 🙂 It is very essential to be near to the loo …. imagine very cold weather, after a can or two of beers… you’ll need to go to the loo. Plus it helps you feel less cold. In addition we literally camped there for a good 4 hrs! Definitely a must to go ….

    Rain on Dav

    (Posted with permission from Dav)
    This pic was taken just to illustrate how wet it is. You can even see the rain drops on his coat! And the various umbrella opened in the background.
    And here’s a video of the fireworks taken using my camera posted on YouTube. (This stoopid new template cant handle the window, so cant post it here. Sorry – pls proceed to YouTube to see it)

    If you compare mine with the BBC One broadcast, it seems like we didnt see much from where we were standing. Dav is not ‘happy’ with that!! Not sure if staying at home and watch it on telly is a better option. 🙂

    Anyway, happy new year to all wherever you are!


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