Boxing Day Shopping

We found the post! Here you go….

We never knew how big the sale is gonna be like. It is massive!! There were tonnes and tonnes of people. Everything was messy and fitting room is not opened… everyone is just buying clothes without trying them on. The good thing about shopping in UK is that you can always bring it back to the shop for an exchange or refund. Apparently its our statutory rights!

Dav had the day all planned out. We started off by heading towards Harrods to check-out the ice rink at the Natural History Museum. But there is no tube heading towards city centre and so we decided to walk there from High Street Kensington Station. And the shopping started. We went to Accessorize, H&M, Gap, Uni Qlo, Zara and Top Shop. At the end of the street, we were lost, we were not sure how to get to Harrods and we ended up at Hyde Park. Doesnt matter, that was the second place we were suppose to go. At this point, I have already gotten a winter coat from Zara and a hat from Accessorize (Dav always wanted to get me a hat and I let him).


That’s my new hat. I quite like it.

So after first round of shopping, we took a stroll at Hyde Park. There were a lot of people strolling just like us. Saw a lot of cute dogs running around. Some even go into the water to fetch a stick! We knew there is a small theme park being set-up in Hyde Park called Winter Wonderland and it has a German market. So we slowly find our way there and was quite disappointed that it’s nothing much to shout about. We had German version of suckling pig for lunch. It was just ok.


From Hyde Park, we walked to Oxford Street and the shopping started again. First store we went into was Primark. This place is HUGE and cheap. Of course it is not branded clothes, but I LOVE IT! This is when I started buying clothes without trying them on. Dav was an angel… he was very patience. Following me around helping me choose what to buy. I think we spent about an hour in there. It’s quite a big store.

We were quite tired after Primark and only make it to one other store, FCUK. Then we headed home for a much needed rest. It’s not a bad results for one day shopping.

So today, we thought we would take it easy and head to Ikea to have a look. It’s actually quite near Wimbledon. Just needed to take the tram from Wimbledon station. Once we arrived there, we were quite shock to find there were some factory outlet store for NEXT, M&S, Boots, and a sport store which carries Nike and Reebok merchandise. Not surprisingly we went ‘looking’ at the stores before we headed to Ikea.

I am quite surprised that we didn’t buy much though. Maybe because the store was quite messy and it was hard to choose. Anyway, we spent more time browsing through Ikea.

So that was the end of our shopping spree. I bought quite a few pieces of clothing mainly for work and Dav only bought a shirt and a short pant. We will have to bring back Dav’s pant cos he underestimated his size. :) I’m quite relief that all the clothes I bought fits me perfectly (mind you I didnt try any of it at the store!).


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