Cycling to Wimbledon Park

Actually that’s not quite accurate. We cycle and walked (pushing our bicycle) to get there… I’m still not that ‘comfortable’ cycling on busy roads. Anyway, took some great shots with my ‘point-n-click’ canon… at least I like them. Have a look and comment away….



Can u see a row of ducks ?


Dav’s fav shot.


Dav even brought his tripod!


Our trusted bicycle.


I quite like this shot. Esp with the reflection on the water…


5 thoughts on “Cycling to Wimbledon Park

  1. Me likey the pics! Which canon are you using? I got a new digicam for Xmas from the parents which I absolutely adore!!!! It’s the 860 Ixus and I’m having way too much fun with it :):)

  2. Thks Cat! Its the same camera as the one u got as chrismas present IXUS 860 IS.

    Neo – Thanks. The camera on the tripod is a semi-DSLR. Dav’s one. And no, we’re not next to the tennis court. I think need to walk 20 mins to the courts.. which is not too far.. 🙂

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