New theme, new adventure

It’s the time of the year, to eat, drink and be merry. So why bother changing our web site look? It’s going in to the second day of my official holiday and I’m already bored out of my mind. Following advices from friends and after looking at the websites for the winter wonderland in Hyde Park, we decided to not go out today and hangout at home instead.

It was decidedly obvious that today is IT. Drinking beer at home is great but not so for my belly and Steph was already giving me the ‘look’. Other than drinking it has to be food, I don’t really want to eat that much either. There are only so many things you can do at home.

To cut the story short, Steph found this great template and I added a little touch of ‘us’ in it. The building silhouette is pretty obvious, 3 main locations that defines the three main events that happened in our life (the place that we grew up, the start of our journey together, and the place that we’re in now).

To add a little more into the background, the tress and bushes was shots taken from the Wimbledon Common, the park just outside our current residence..

This Christmas/New Year symbolizes the end and also the beginning of a new adventure for both of us. To family and friends, “May the next year be bountiful, and full of joy and laughter!”


4 thoughts on “New theme, new adventure

  1. love the new look, and absolutely love what it represents too… ahhh.

    Merry Christmas and Have a Blessed New Year Step & David.

    Kamy & Bryan

  2. The new template looks great!!! I love the colour combo of the nutty brown with the turqoise and green but mostly what the template subtly symbolises.

    Here’s not only to a brand new template but also to a new start in your lives 🙂

    PS: Just don’t start it off with a beer belly :):)

  3. Thanks Kamy, Catty and Neo.

    Btw Neo, its not display to scale lar, else Big Ben would be really small and Twin Tower would be much higher. 🙂

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