I wear two pair of shoes every work day. One is the office shoe and the other is my commute shoe. This practice only started about one week ago. Reason is because I fell in the tube station wearing the brown shoe. It does not even have high heels on it!! No one helped me up also… such Londoners…

Anyway so after that incident I have decided to keep my brown shoes in the office and commute with my sneakers. (It feels nice to have my own cubible!). 🙂


5 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. What! No one helped you up?? Surly Londoners. 😦 I wondered why they look so unfriendly. We had to lug our suitcases down the stairs in the tube station and some of them that got caught behind us looked so grouchy, like we owe them money or something. Haha.

  2. There must be something about a petite little Chinese girl that gets the male attention 🙂 Yes, the London Tube is built in ancient times and is so not suitcase friendly (I was SHOCKED that they don’t have escalators much less elavators!!) but I lugged my giancanto suitcase everywhere and got passing males to help me up and down those stairs.

    There was one cute American that helped me and when I thanked him, he replied with a “You are very welcome Ma’am!” :P:P

  3. Naaah…I think it’s cause I’m a SHORTY that’s why :P:P (petite is just a nicer word for saying 5-foot-nothing !)

    PS: Did you know that Kylie Minougue is like 4 foot something?? Meaning she is SHORTER than I am??!! Unbelivable!

  4. Girls, something has to be said about travelling with your personal bellhop (ie. Ed). He pretty much lugged the suitcases up the stairs for me most of the trip! Hee hee. My excuse being I am too short and, can’t lift the suitcase much higher than the steps. 🙂

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