Learning a foreign language

I have been trying to learn Spanish since I came back from Chile in Jan this year. I tried downloading a Spanish learning podcast thinking that by listening to them on my way to work in the tube would help. However after several attempt, I find it boring and reverted to my ipod and book instead.

So I thought I should try getting one of those learn a new language book with CDs.

9780071420167.jpg With the help of the bookstore assistance, I finally choose to get the ‘Teach Yourself’ selection. The front cover has this listing:

  • learn to speak, understand and write spanish
  • progress quickly beyond the basics
  • explire the language in depth

Let’s hope that I will achieve it!


4 thoughts on “Learning a foreign language

  1. Dear Max, Dav, and Steph,

    I hope that book works for you! I don’t know if you’ve already tried SpanishPod, (we just started a month ago), but we put a lot thought into trying to make our podcast not boring. I think it would be great way to supplement what the book teaches you. Take care–jpv

  2. Yeah Steph, let me know if this works, cause you know I’ve been wanting to learn as well, and get pass the mundane, como estas, muy bien lines…

    Good luck!

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