Christmas Gifts

I am very very happy. I received 2 Christmas gifts this weekend. First Christmas present was sent to us from my younger sis, Jasmine. When she was in town few months ago, we spoke about cable tv and how you can buy a box called Freeview and can enjoy some cable tv channels without the need to pay for it. The only cost is the cost of buying the Freeview Box. As Dav dont really watch tv much and me not being around much, we decided no point spending the money to get it.

The present was meant to be a surprise except my parents told me about it when I was home last week.. hehehehe So I was already half expecting the gift. It finally arrived yesterday. We were trying to set it up but found out that we need to buy a special cable to connect the box to the TV. Anyway, thanks Jas for the lovely present. It also came with a Christmas card! so sweet. πŸ™‚

The second present was from Dav. He bought me a black DS Lite and 2 games! happy happy got one other thing to play with when I commute to work.. hehehe

I’m SOOOOO excited!


The package we took comes with an accessories package and 1 game (I choose Super Mario Bros – my all time fav game). Then we also wanted the ‘How old is your brain?’ game. So we took that as well.


We coudnt wait till we were home to play it. So we took it out for testing when we took a rest in M&S food hall.


Dav couldnt put it down. This was taken today morning when we were having brunch. You can see part of Dav’s breakfast on the table – bean and eggs.


Me looking annoyed because I was losing in the game!

Merry Christmas!


10 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts

  1. Oh my god…Dav and yourself can be Joel’s new best friends! He LOVES computer games. I think he owns like more than one game console each (one for Adelaide and one for Melbourne before we both moved here) and he too has the Nintendo. The only game I got hooked on was Animal Crossing – try it, it’s really cute πŸ™‚

    And have you got the Wii yet?…believe it or not, my own Daddy bought one and he’s hooked on the Lego Star Wars. Back in M’sia very cheap – RM 6 for one game versus A$20 plus!!

    You just gotta love piracy :):)

  2. Initially I wanted a Wii but after alot of thinking (almost 6 months of thinking, hahahaha) I think a Wii is only nice if you’ve got alot of ppl around to play with. Since there’s only me and Dav plus we dont get many visitors, I think it can be quite boring. So the decision to get a DS instead.

    Piggy – I feel that PSP is more for ppl who plays shooting/ strategy game. Although I did find Age of Empire for DS Lite…

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