Had a small BBQ at Ali’s place last Sat. It was fun… esp when I dont have to prepare any food. Amir was in charge of the meat (fabulous wahyu beef and lamb shank!) and Ali prepared pasta, drinks and fruits (actually more like Ali’s mum who prepared the food.. heheheh Thanks Aunty!).

BBQ was great fun. But I was too tired… slept during the DVD session. We watched Zodiac…. it was BORING!


The boys getting the pit ready. It is a small electric pit. So no fuss about starting the fire. đŸ™‚


Beef and lamb courtesy of Amir.


Ali’s beautiful garden. It has a Bali feel about it.. I’ve always like his garden.


Me being lazy, watching tv while waiting for the food to cook. hehehehe


3 thoughts on “BBQ

  1. Ooo, looks yummy! And we can now see your curls!! Looks nice from that angle. Very Victoria Secret (I managed to catch it last night and ALL the Angels had their hair done in the famous ringlets!) đŸ™‚

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