Bye Bye Malaysia

So finally I will be leaving Malaysia for good…. not sure when I’m gonna come back again. Currently there is no plan to come back for hols next year. Also not sure if work is gonna bring me home. Looking at the plan, it’s not likely. But we’ll never know.

Cant believe that this is it. No more farewells, no more goodbyes. Feels like I’m going away for work, but in actual fact it is a GOODBYE which I’m not sure when I’m gonna be back again.

Sigh… am quite sad. But at the same time looking forward to settling down in UK. This round I am bringing quite a lot of electricals over. First there is the rice cooker (Thanks to Amir!) and then there’s a slow cooker and finally a small blender. Talk about cooking electricals for a person who dont cook much.. hahahaha

Alrighty.  Signing off from Malaysia. Till next time!

p/s: My maxis number has been disconnected.


3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Malaysia

  1. Your departure is not forever. You can actually take leave and plan for a trip back home la. Just ask your sister, she can tell you how to do it!

    We’ll miss you, take care and hopefully ange and I will see you soon.


  2. Don’t be so sad Stephie. I know it can feel like you may not be going home for a while, but you will be surprised at how fast time flies. And your friend Piggy is right, plan your annual leave! So you have something to look forward to. 🙂

  3. Hi Steph,

    I had to read in your blog to know you have located for good to the UK. And it’s coming as quite a shock for me (shock has settled in a bit before i start writing this). Anyways, here’s wishing you the best in life and let me know when you’re back in KL.

    From back in the era when you’re well known as Sook Fang,

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