Road trip

I cant believe how stoopid our travel agent in London is. How can they book a connecting flight which is only 40 mins apart???? ARGH!!!!! Luckily we realised it early and the distance between Mumbai and Pune is not too far to go by road. To prevent us from missing our flight from Mumbai to Chennai and Chennai to KL, we decided to go to Mumbai straight by car. Total journey time was 4+ hrs. I’m happy to annouce that we survived the road trip, make our flight from Mumbai to Chennai and currently in the airport lounge in Chennai waiting for the connecting flight back to KL.

The other frustrating thing is why cant the travel agent suggest a shorter route ??? I was told by our vendor that there is direct flight from Mumbai to KL!!! I think after this trip I learnt the lesson of not trusting anyone to do a good job unless I QA their work thoroughly first!

Its been a very very long travelling day. To top it up, we wont arrive in KL until 530am the next day!

No doubt the road trip did allow us to see alot more of the country. One interesting fact which I didnt mention before in my previous post about India is that drivers here like to horn. Trust me, they dont feel comfortable if they dont horn every other minute. I think they horn so much to the point that majority of the trucks and lorries we saw on the road have this written at the back of their vehicle – ‘STOP HORN OK PLEASE’.


Quite a funny sight. Everyone will just ignore it and horn anyway.


2 thoughts on “Road trip

  1. hah.. i found the ‘Horn plaese’ hilarious too, not to mention their tendency to horn every 2 seconds, which is annoying. btw, Navee is in Bombay and had a similar problems with her flight getting back from Hydrabad yesterday.. ‘welcome to India, have a nice day..’ they say…

  2. Hey Mala, arent you suppose to be in India with Navee as well? I remember she telling me abt the trip before I came back to KL.

    The airline ticketing system REALLY REALLY SUCKS!

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