Chinese Food is the best!!!

After more than a week of having Indian food every nite and almost every lunch, finally we had Chinese food.

Alright I have to admit it wasnt the team’s first choice. Firstly I’m working with 2 Muslim guy, so naturally first criteria is that the food must be halal. Lucky for me as I’ve been sick, they allow me to choose what I want to eat tonite. Naturally chinese food came to mind. My team members are quite nice to me, they are willing to be vegetarian if the food is not halal. Luckily the restaurant confirmed that it’s halal and we had fabulous food! Yummy….. !

I dont think I would recover so soon if not for the antibiotic I took today. It’s a 3 days course. I was told it’s really strong but very good. Wasnt planning to take it but it’s really taking very long to recover. So I wasnt going to ruin my remaining time in India and also jeopardise not finishing my work here.

I miss my babe and his cooking…. cant wait to go home!

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