Next stop – Pune

Arrived in Pune this afternoon with a ‘forever’ churning stomach! It’s not any better… even after taking some medicine. Bought a ‘stronger’ med (according to the Pharmacists) but am reluctant to take it bcos apparently its a course of antibiotics.

We almost didnt make it to Pune. Apparenty in India, having a ticket is not the same as having a confirmed seat. What makes me very very annoyed is that we paid for a business class seats, confirmed our flights TWICE and yet when we checked-in our confirmation was not registered in the airline system!! We ended up sitting in economy class. I guess better than missing the flight.

Anyway, it was all sorted out till the very last minute before the place take off. We were the last passenger to board the planes. Advice to all travelling within India next time, double and triple confirm your flights!

Back to nursing my stomach…. rest… more water…..


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