Pics from Kolkata

Lunch box

Daily lunch boxes ordered by our host, IBM. It’s damn alot of food – Chicken curry, rice, fried veges, naan, dahl, and custard. Cant finish everything but it taste good.

Indian Temple

Indian temple built with marbles. Quite impressive for a country with alot of poor people.

Kali Temple

Another temple with a holy pool. Everyone do EVERYTHING in the pool (including brushing teeth to washing clothes). Also ‘donated’ a substantive amount of money to the temple!

Water pump

Can you see the water pumps by the road? Noticed alot of ppl actually bath using the water pump.

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial – Apparently they tried to ‘copy’ Taj Mahal…. not very successful la.

Indian Taxi

Unique Indian taxi.  Locally made.


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