Nothing is more exciting than to find out that you’re going to a city on riot, staying in a hotel quite near to the action with curfew in place and soldier guarding on the main road just outside the hotel.

Luckily for me, my manager managed to move us to another hotel even before we landed. We ended up staying in Grand Hyatt Kolkata and I was lucky to get the only room in the hotel. It so happens to be a SUITE! It’s double the size of the apartment I’m staying in Wimbledon! Unfortunately I didnt get the chance to enjoy it much as I only arrived at 230am !! Was damn tired by then.

Funnily I got quite scared in the room and couldnt really sleep cos the place was too huge (separate bedroom and dining room) and I keep hearing some kind of noise every other minute.

All is well now. No more riots, no more curfew and no more staying in the suite. Have been moved to a smaller room for the rest of my stay in Kolkata.

Was reading my manager’s Lonely Planet for India when I saw a map of India with highlights on the place of interest in each of the major city. Guess what was written for Kolkata……………. ‘the biggest slump in Asia!!!’ waahahahahahah DIE

Ok.. more about India next time. Damn tired. Gonna sleep early cos need to work tomorrow (working on Sat! 😦 )


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