New recipes

I love cooking, but not washing up after that. Honestly, I think our arrangement works well, but there’s a flaw. What happens when Steph is not around? (and the fact that she will be travelling most of the time?)

Although we have a dishwasher, I have not been using that. Plainly because I’m not into reading manuals. We ‘men’s’ love to tinker around but not read the manuals. Since I don’t know head or tail as to how to work this darn contraption, I left that alone.
Washing is a pain in KL, let alone here when the water is freezing. Everyday, I procrastinate washing until the next morning or until I need to use them..

Anyway, have a look at some of the dishes that I whipped up with whatever ingredients I have for my meals.

Fried Brussel sprout with smoke honey ham and onions

Pan-seared Pita bread with Plum

Sphaghetti and grilled sausages with orange, olive oil and salt dressing.

Potato and onion superior soup


5 thoughts on “New recipes

  1. Ooooo!!! Brussel sprouts! I haven’t had them in a long time – they remind me of my childhood days in the UK!

    You really have to learn how to work the dishwasher. I’ve only started using it regularly this year but for a serious cook, it’s a GOD SEND! I don’t know how I lived without it all my life in Oz!

    As for the freezing cold tap water, gloves my friend, gloves (or as they are known in the UK “Marigolds” :):)

  2. Yeap, brussel sprouts are great! Don’t really have a good recipe to cook that at the moment. Some of the experiment didn’t come out well..

    Thanks for the advice though. 🙂

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