Reluctant Journey Home

my plans keep changing by the day… i’m flying back to KL tomorrow! It’s not that I’m not happy to go home. I’m more worried about Dav who is currently sick. He has had fever for the past 2 days and it doesnt seem to be going away. With the weather getting colder and him being alone… I wouldnt be so happy if I was him.

becos i will be going to India mid this month, i’ve been told by the company’s nurse that i will need to take anti-malarial medicine (of course to prevent malaria if bitten by mosquetoes). FYI, i’ve been given multiple vaccines few weeks back… and on top of all the vaccines I have to take these pills for a freaking 7 weeks!!! 7 days before the trip + during the trip (14 days) + 28 days after the trip… I hv been warned by my colleagues that the med can make me depressed and also it has other side effects depending on your body. was thinking maybe i dont need to take them… but then i will be ‘EXPOSED’ … furthermore it’s my first time in India… perhaps it’s not a good idea to take that kind of risk.

so wanna know how immuned I am? here’s my immunisation history:

  • Hep A
  • Hep B
  • Typhoid
  • Tetanus
  • Polio
  • Diphtheria

The nurse said I dont need anything for the next 5 yearS!! However on my way out of the health centre she asked me to return to the centre to get my blood tested to ensure that my Hep B booster is working… so much for not having an injection next month!


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