Sunday at home

We planned to cycle today, but by the time we wanted to go out, the rain started pouring. So we were stuck at home. Dav got homework due tonite, so he’s been busy finishing that. When lunch time came about, automatically Dav cooked pasta… once we were done eating, he’s back sitting in front of his laptop and continue on with his studies.

So, the deal has always been I do the cleaning and he cooks. Whole and behold… I was shocked to find the kitchen was quite messy and a little bit dirty. Here’s some pics of the kitchen.


Used utensils lying around. Can you see pieces of onion everywhere?


Leftovers and a very dirty electric stove. You cant see it in the pic, but there were pieces of onion, garlic and pasta sauce around it. Rather than just leaving the pasta sauce and pasta in their respective utensils (which I suspect what Dav would do) I empty the sauce into a bowl and leave it in the fridge and cover the pasta with cling wrap.


See the open cabinet?

I’m not complaining. Just merely trying to show that cleaning is not an easy task. After the cleaning in the kitchen, it was time to vacuum the house. As the whole house is carpeted (literally the whole house – plus the toilet). I think it is essential to vacuum at least once a week – cos I cant stand knowing there’s alot of dust and hair lying around.

It’s all done now… nice and clean. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sunday at home

  1. Ahhh…housechores, the bane of every woman’s life.

    Today I:
    -wiped down the entire kitchen bench twice
    -dusted the bedroom and the study with a wet sponge
    -wiped all the skirting boards in the apartment
    -washed the bathroom
    -did the laundry
    -then hung it out
    -then folded it up
    -walked to the shops to get ingredients for tonight’s dinner
    -and then cooked it
    -the dishwasher did the cleaning up (thank God!)


  2. Hahaha, if this is not complaining I don’t know what is.

    Some of the mess is unavoidable, however I will try and minimise it. All I know is that I’m so lucky to have someone to wash it instead of me. Thanks babe!

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