First apartment in London

We are happy to annouced we have moved in to our first apartment in London. We checked-in on Sat morning to get the keys and went through the condition of the apartment and it’s furniture & fittings with an inventory clerk. She is very good in identifying all the marks in the apartment, which is important as it will set out the condition of the apartment. We might be penalised for all the marks / spots in the apartment.

Luckily the place is relatively clean, so we didnt have to do much. We mainly clean the bedroom, wardrobe and the kitchen before we venture to one of the biggest and cheapest hypermarket (called ASDA) near our place to fill-up our new home with essential stuff.

As the place does not have internet access yet, we have decided to remain in Travelodge since we have paid for the room till end of next week.

Here’s some pics of our new home.


Living and Dining Room

Note: This post is 2 weeks old. Sorry abt that… we didnt have internet access to post it.


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