My Peugot 206

Car - Front view

This is my car. I’ve had this car since 2004. It was a gift from my parents. I really like this car. I will miss it a lot when I leave KL.

Car - Rear view

Unfortunately my family members do not like to drive my car. Not even my hubby. I admit it is not as powerful as other cars. Besides that, the steering wheel is quite heavy due to the weight of the car body. Even though the car is not perfect, I still love to drive it! Especially when I’m driving on the highway.

With the move to London, initially I thought I wont have to sell the car as my younger sis has just gotten her driving license. But after her first try in driving my car, she complained non-stop and indicated that she doesnt want the car. Such pampered kid rite!! Sigh… so now my mum is asking me to sell it. Will have to sell it when I come back in November.

I am very very sad ….

Countdown to departure date: 5 days


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