Critical week

We have finally submitted our UK entrance visa application! It was quite a stressful process…. not only did we have to wait till we’re married to apply, we had to compile lots of documents to support our application. Like this is not stressful enough, we had to wait for a whole day for our turn to submit the application !!!

We arrived in the agent’s office at 8am and it only reached our turn at 4pm . Needless to say, I wasted the whole day not doing any work. Luckily Dav managed to go online for a few hours to do some work while waiting. My advise to those who’s planning to apply for the UK visa, dont go during the uni opening period!! There were just too many students applying to go to UK in time for the uni.

Anyway it’s done now. Just pray and hope that it’s ok and there’s no more issues! Now we need to concentrate on looking for a place to stay and identifying things we’re going to bring over.

Countdown to departure date: 14 days


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