why so mahal?

Before I start my story, to those who dunno Malay, ‘mahal’ means expensive. 🙂


I bought the above, very nice photo album. it’s not the conventional book that you get in the shops. I spotted this when I was in Korea window shopping. It’s a box with pieces of paper which you can slide your picture it. The paper allows the owner to pen down some words about the pic. I thought it was very cute and worth investing in. So I bought it!

First thing I did when I got home was to check when was the last time I actually choose the pics I have taken to be developed and keep as memories… 2003!! Ok.. definitely have taken alot of pics since then. Since I’ve only been travelling so extensively this past 18 months I decided to choose pics taken last year and this year. To add to my constraint I can only choose the best 150 pics cos that’s the amount of paper that came with the box. I think I spent about 2 days trying to cut down on the total.

Once I’ve done that, I happily went to the photo shop to develop it. To my horror, one piece cost RM 0.50!! So a total of 150 photos cost me RM81!!!! why so mahal one??? Has anyone ever tell you keeping things for memories is so expensive?

Okla.. since I dont do this so often… I let it go la. Now need to sit down and actually put it all together…


2 thoughts on “why so mahal?

  1. now you know why photographers charge so much if they include printing as part of their package 😉 …. and that does not include album binding etc…

    P/S: actually though you can get it cheaper by 10sen at about RM0.40/piece…

  2. Hey… come to the UK and I will let you know how to print your photos for free !! Just pay for postage..
    Waiting for ya!

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