A little bit about my Korea & China trip

I’ve selected some pics taken in Korea and Beijing to share with everyone. It would show you some of the things I’ve experienced while I was away for 7 weeks. Enjoy!

Korean BBQ

You will never be considered to be in Korea without trying out the Korean BBQ with the lethal soju! (Soju is the local Korean alcohol. It’s quite cheap too!)

Traditional Korean

Not to be missed is also the traditional Korean food. As you can see we also have them numerous time.


Surprisingly there were 3 birthdays to celebrate in the 7 weeks duration. This is my second time celebrating my birthday with my colleagues while being away on audit.


A must to try is Korean Karaoke. Korean karaoke has a very unique taste added to it… dont be surprised when you see 2 tamborines in the karaoke room. Apparently Koreans like to sing along to the sound of tamborines…


Of course there will never be any social outing without the drinking sessions. Besides the soju, the team’s fav drink is Hite beer (local Korean brand). We even visited the hotel bar 3 nites in a row.. why we did that? who cares why! It’s all about the fun…


Attended a friendly soccer match between Korea International vs Uzbekistan at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. This was the week before the Asian Cup started.

TianAnMen Sq

The team choose to visit Beijing for our weekend away. If you dunno, this pic was taken at Tian An Men Square.

Great Wall

We were on the Great Wall of China on 07.07.07. The date it was declared as The New 7 Wonders of the World!

Korea Audit Group

This is indeed one of the best, most fun team I’ve ever worked with. A total of 13 of us, everyone from different parts of the world. We worked hard for 7 weeks and had a lot of fun outside of office. Hopefully we’ll get to work together again in the future.


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